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Vote Eric Heywood
For Judge
February 20, 2024

Eric Heywood is running to be the next Judge of Winnebago County Circuit Court, Branch 1

with the endorsement of current Branch 1 Judge Teresa Basiliere and Chief Judge Guy Dutcher.



Eric Heywood has experience prosecuting, defending, and deciding thousands of cases. As Judicial Court Commissioner, he makes community safety decisions about criminal, mental health, and child welfare cases. He demonstrates his commitment to knowing and following the law, and treats people with dignity and respect from the bench. 


As an attorney, Eric Heywood handled more than three thousand cases, including over twenty jury trials and hundreds of court trials. He presented over fifty legal trainings to attorneys, including selection by the US Department of Justice to provide international jury trial training. He was also involved with treatment courts, diversion programs, and mental health resources.

The Wisconsin Law Journal recognized Eric Heywood with the Up and Coming Lawyer Award.

About Eric

About Eric


Eric grew up locally here in Winnebago County. He moved back here because he wanted his kids to grow up here, too. He worked as a mechanic at a local bike shop, taught Suzuki violin, and was a founding member and captain of the lacrosse team. He graduated from Neenah High School in 2005.


Eric graduated from UW-Madison in 2007 with a Math degree. He wanted to apply the logic he learned to real-world problems. He next served as an AmeriCorps with Habitat for Humanity, building houses and coordinating volunteers. He framed walls, installed roofs, and laid flooring to solve housing problems in our community.


Eric attended UW Law School, graduating in 2010 with a certificate in Criminal Law. He recognized those legal areas had a large impact on our community. The law school recognized him with the Character, Leadership, and Service award for his volunteer involvement.




Eric and his wife Christine moved back to Winnebago County after law school because they wanted to raise a family here. Eric and Christine are involved with activities and volunteering through school, church, music, and girl scouts with their daughters, Lucy and Ellie.

Eric's family grew in Branch 1, where he is running to be judge. Many years ago, his brother became his legal sibling at his adoption ceremony there.

Eric's grandfather Robert Heywood grew up in Oshkosh a block from the courthouse. Eric's great-grandfather Arthur Heywood worked as the sports editor for the Oshkosh Northwestern and created the idea for the Oshkosh All Stars basketball team. Arthur was killed by a drunk driver when his son Robert was 7. Eric's great-grandmother Irene Heywood taught at UW-Oshkosh as a widowed single mother. Eric recognizes the generational impact of crime. Eric is running for judge to keep Winnebago County a safe and stable place to raise a family.

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